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Moving is a timely process, and there is much to do. Fortunately, who to notify about your change of address is less of a task then you’re packing and relocating itself. You’ll want to inform your friends and family, but the list doesn’t stop there. City Removalists & Storage provides the following checklist of who to notify with your new address.


  • Your checklist is self-explanatory. It is the people close to you:
  • Friends: Contact each of your friends to provide them with your new address. Also, make sure that you have their contact information.
  • Family: Family members and relatives should be informed of your relocation and provided with your new address.
  • Neighbours: Each of your close neighbours should be informed of your new whereabouts. Neighbours immediate to your home should also be advised of your new address.


  • Electoral Commission NSW: The last thing you want is not to be registered to vote at your new place. Contact the electoral roll and inform them of your change of address. Individuals can change their address at the electoral roll website.
  • Council Taxes: Be sure that your current council tax is paid at the time that you update your new address on the Council Taxes website. Each location has a website to provide information about council tax. Visit the council tax website for your region and update the information about the change of address.
  • Child Benefit: If you receive benefits for your children, you will need to inform the Child Benefit office of your new address. Also, you’ll need to provide your children’s new school name and information.
  • Department of Work and Pensions: If you receive a pension from the government, you will need to contact the government office to provide them with your new address.
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Registry: If you are a driver with a current driver’s license; you will need to update your license with your new address. You can do so online by visiting Services NSW.
  • Utility: The utility change of address includes water, gas, and electricity services. Provide the disconnect date and the connection date for your new address. Be sure to do this in advance, or you may find yourself without power in your new home.
  • Mail Service: A change of address with the Postal Service office is crucial if you want your mail forwarded to your new address.
  • Landline and Broadband: Typically, property owners have the same provider for both their landline and broadband. Contact your provider to update your address. If you have the same provider at your new home, check to see if your new home has a connection. Arrange for connection service at your new place.


  • Consider all your healthcare providers for you and your family, and contact each. Aside from your regular doctors, specialists, dentists, physiotherapists, opticians, child specialists, and medical shops you’ll also want to inform:
  • Vet: If you have pets, you should provide your new address to your veterinarian regardless of whether your pets will continue to be under the care of the vet.


  • Contact all your financial institutions to inform them of your change of address.
  • Insurance: Inform each of the Insurance providers of your change of address. This includes medical, property, and vehicle. Also, if you have pet insurance, be sure to update your address with the provider.
  • Banks & Loan Providers: Contact your financial institutions where you maintain your checking and savings account. Also contact all loan providers, including credit card providers.


If you have children in school or college or attend yourselves, contact the educational institutions, and to update your address.


If you are on the business front, you will want to contact the HR department to update your address.


  • Once you have updated your address with all those on your priority lists, start with the miscellaneous list.
  • Subscription Services: If you receive subscriptions to your current address, you will want to contact the providers to update your address. This is important if you’re going to enjoy your newspaper and magazine subscriptions in your new place.
  • Cleaning Services: If you have a cleaning service, contact them to let them know that you will be moving and no longer need their services at your current address. If your future home is an area they service, you will want to arrange for future cleaning services at your new home. Regardless of whether you will be using the provider at your new place, provide your new address and contact information.
  • Maintenance Services: If you have pest control maintenance or a handyman, contact them to update your new address.
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Home, Office, Country & Interstate Removals Near Me